If someone was to pick my brain, a lot of the stuff they would find would be here in my blog. I like summer time, horses, and being in open space. This is where I come to think, to sort my thoughts out, and to daydream.



napping naked on top of a girl you like is one of the best things you can ever do. like not completely on her but your legs between hers, head on her boobs/ stomach while she’s scratching your head and back. thats the shit i look forward to when Im married

I have got to get out of here. I hear on TV how bullying is a huge problem in schools, which has never happened to me, but here I am, 25 years old getting bullied at home.
My neurologist tells me I have to manage my stress better. How am I supposed to do that? Between the bullshit here and the smug over-privileged area I work in, I can’t stand anyone!!
I’m extra happy about my new job because it’s something useful that can help me get a better job. I’m so tired of spinning my wheels. I don’t like this area at all and I’d love to have a career that gave me the opportunity to live where I really want to live.
I’m so stressed out. I’m going to go play with the ducks.

The baby ducks have finally taken some food out of my hand. Squatter, the most timid one, wouldn’t eat the kale from my hand without the other two being there, but it’s progress! Of course Major Domo ate first (brave little booger). Two Socks was more than happy to eat from my hand but kept biting my fingers!