If someone was to pick my brain, a lot of the stuff they would find would be here in my blog. I like summer time, horses, and being in open space. This is where I come to think, to sort my thoughts out, and to daydream.


The ducklings at 7 weeks old and their unique markings. They are going back to the big pond tomorrow. I hope they do well!

Warm my body to the core just like a blanket.
His face was so sweet then he took my breath away.
Hit me so hard like a rock through a window.
I knew I was in trouble from the moment I met you, boy.

The burn and the sting, and the high, and the heat, and the “left-me-wanting-more” feeling when he kissed me.
I shoulda just called him “Whiskey”

I’ll make it up to you, somehow.


Field of sun, Sibillini mountains park in the region of Marche. Let’s get lost in Italy today!

(Source: Flickr / aigle_dore)